Why is Big Boys Toys Expo so successful?

Big Boys Toys Expo has hit it’s stride this year reaching a further 5 regional towns and cities set to hold the event in 2017 and 2018.
While the Second Mackay Big Boys Toys Expo at the Mackay Showgrounds is set for the end of July, the following show will be held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre at the end of September.
“The Big Boys Toys Expo at the Gold Coast Convention Centre will be a slightly different show to the Mackay one, simply because of it’s venue”, says Exhibition Promoter and Owner, Lance Collyer. “The Convention Centre gives us the chance to showcase lots more of the really flashy stuff.  Lamboughini is more likely to exhibit in a secure under-cover venue, rather than showing up to the local showgrounds and parking on the grass”, he says.
The Big Boys Toys Expo is an event that can attract some of the most expensive motors, bikes and boats, and a lot of these brands like to associate with a great venue such as a Convention Centre. It does however, take away our ability to make the show really noisy and go for some more of the fun stuff that we like to do in Mackay, such as Monster Trucks and Motorbike Stunt displays.  We will try and pack in everything we can at the Gold Coast event, but sometimes we wish we had the benefit of both types of venues.
Maybe the Big Boys Toys Sunshine Coast will be the one event that has both the flashiest of toys and the outdoor interactive vibe – being held at the Caloundra Turf Club it has inside, outside and grassed display areas. Due to the venue, it looks to be a true mix of blokey grit, noise and diesel, yet we can still ask Ferrari and Porshe to come and display in the pristine buildings of the Turf Club.  The Sunshine Coast Show is ready for a June 2018 arrival, as is the Townsville Big Boys Toys Expo which is held in a similar venue.  “Our aim is to make the shows as interactive as possible, and each venue provides us with a different angle on how we can accomplish that”, says Big Boys Toys co-ordinator, Andrew Barter.
“We are expanding our locations and finding venues from Showgrounds to Convention Centres – and each Big boys Toys Expo is very much planned around the capabilities of the venue we book to hold the event.”
No matter where you are visiting a Big Boys Toys Expo, you will certainly find it lives up to it’s very self-explanatory name, and provide a full spectrum of what guys like to dream about owning and riding.  Plus they get to bring their family along to see it all.
If you are visiting a Big Boys Toys Expo in Mackay, Gold Coast, Townsville, Sunshine Coast and soon to be announced, Newcastle… then make sure you visit the Big Boys Toys Expo Facebook page that gives all the visitor info including dates, venues, competitions and attraction  line up.