What’s in Store for Big Boys Toys Expo Mackay 2017?

So what’s in store for Big Boys Toys Expo 2017 at Mackay Showgrounds?
As usual,the Big Boys Toys Expo in Mackay – July 29th / 30th,  2017 – will bring together a huge array of boating camping fishing and motors, that get’s the whole family wanting a new Toy.  From the minute you lay eyes on the massive inflatable Spiderman, the young kid comes out in every man, and all eyes are on the Harley’s, the Austin Martin, and this year – The Monster trucks too.
The earthworks machinery is always fascinating to watch, and popular as ever are the camping and fishing sections of the Big Boys Toys show.
Big Boys Toys Expo promoters have promised the show will be bigger, better and louder than last year, and The Monster Trucks are going to be a huge pull-card for getting the whole family out to see this unique exhibition of all things…“blokey”.
Where else can you pull in for a day and see so many toys in one place?
“I love the Big Boys Toys Show”, says local resident Andy, “it’s not like I have much of an excuse to just pop out and go to a showroom to see a car I like, or a boat I dream about owning. But with the Big Boys Toys Expo, I can browse about all my ‘dream list’ toys and find out a little more about them”.
It’s without a doubt, the Big Boys Toys Expo is Mackay’s favourite show day at the Mackay Showgrounds, and the crowds are expected to once again attend the event day, bringing the whole family along with them.
A whole list of the event star attractions, photographs and videos are available on  the Big Boys Toys Facebook page, which provides visitor information.
For more information on the Big Boys Toys Expo Mackay 2017, visit the Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/bbtexpos/